3 ways to ensure the best virtual you

Each of these steps is easy and requires very little equipment.


Position your computer, so you have a good light source on your face, this may mean moving your desk.

Close any blinds or curtains located behind you that will throw light into your camera and create a glare.

Simplify the background, remove objects that will distract others from looking at you.


Prop your computer camera up higher than usual so that the angle of the camera is in line with your eyes.
If you can position the camera/computer slightly higher than your eye level, this makes your face look slimmer.

(I put my laptop on a pile of books)

Avoid looking down to the camera; this will mean we have a view of your neck and chin which can distort your facial features.


Dress for the occasion; you are still working.

Wear a professional yet straightforward blouse, jacket or funky top depending on your industry.

Plain colours will look better on screen, as patterns can be distracting.

Select  your accessories carefully, earrings (avoid dangly styles) as these will move when you speak and divert your listener’s attention.

Wear a necklace or a collared blouse/shirt to avoid looking underdressed or very casual.

When applying your makeup; you may need a bit more than usual as we can look washed out on screen.

Groom your hair.

Finally, play with your background, your camera position, your lighting and your outfit.