is NOW the time

Ready to Upgrade Your Wardrobe?

Ensuring you win and build a wardrobe, you love now and for years to come.
Saving you time and money, and angst.

I will teach you how to shop with confidence.

Sure, You Could Do It Yourself.

But for whatever reason, what used to work doesn't, and right now your wardrobe does not reflect who you are.

But if you're anything like me, you need help telling your inner voice to be quiet and let yourself try something new.
You want someone to tell you what works and what doesn't.

• Your life has changed
• Your body has changed
• Your work has changed
• And then we pick out one thing, and when it doesn't work, we decide something is wrong with us!

Building a Fabulous 
Wardrobe On 
Your Own is Tricky 

• I am not sure which labels will work for me
• I don’t want to over-invest in the wrong things
• I keep buying the same type of clothes
• I don’t want to make another mistake

So what if you didn't have to shop on your own?

What if you had an enthusiastic professional to help you find the perfect outfit that meets all your needs?

What if it was super exciting, you looked amazing, and you came home with a bag of wins?


The Escorted Shopping Trip

When we shop together, you will have an experienced guide there with you to teach you how to select clothing.  

I will show you clothes that honour your archetype/personal style, body structure and colouring.

I will expose you to new stores and labels, and you will try on lots of things so that you learn what really works for you.

Yes, please!

“Working with Kaye as a stylist will forever save me time when shopping, as now I’m more confident in picking which clothes I should quickly (and shouldn’t!) try on!” 

Melinda Samson, Premier Google Partner

With this service:

You Will:

+ learn the art of shopping

+ DISCOVER how to select from a crowded rail

+ ESTABLISH THE key fit and shape features YOU NEED

+ KNOW HOW to make the final decision - yes or no

want something like that?



+ learn the art of shopping

+ learn the art of shopping


Your wardrobe will be
quality pieces that
reflect who you are.


full of clothes you

We will build a wardrobe that will take you anywhere so that you are confident and look good every day.

Styled with Confidence

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