Is it Time for Your Team to Upgrade?

You want your team's first impression to be professional and appropriate and instil confidence in your customers.

Challenging for any Company

Business attire is changing; it is acceptable and welcomed for us to inject a little personality into our professional look.

But what if your team needs to do better?
Asking employees to "up their game" concerning how they present themselves is tricky.

That's where I come in, 
I can say what works and what doesn't. 

I'm an independent advisor and will take my cues from you.

With my corporate services

You Will:

want something like that?

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create a business style that fits your company.

Engage with your team.

have your people look consistent with your organisation.

Enhance your brand.

plus, they will know they are valued.

Corporate styling services are customized to suit your company's needs.
By working with groups or one-to-one.

“I discovered the power of colour & that styling can be simple & creative. Kaye's practical advice & guidance on how to pull it off made an immediate difference.” 

Katrina Gavin-Smith, Head of Change Delivery and Integration - Westpac BANK

Styled with Confidence

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