Red shoes, never again. Silly me!

Have you ever arrived at an event and within minutes you know that what you’re wearing does not work?

It was the late 90’s early on in my styling career, and I arrived at a corporate networking event in London wearing what I thought looked appropriate. I wore a navy pleated skirt co-ordinated jacket, red shoes and a red manicure.

Within minutes I regretted the red shoes and manicure, this was a room of lawyers all dressed in black. They looked at me like I was an alien. I could tell I was being scrutinised and assessed from head to toe.

After some polite conversation, one woman touched my hand and fingernails and said 

“Are they real”?

Yes,” I replied (this was the time before nail bars, and shellac were common).

I felt humiliated and realised they were corporate, and I was not! I left the event and knew that with this CROWD, at this TIME, my RED shoes had blown my credibility. 

Now, twenty years later and somewhat wiser, I probably would not choose red shoes for this type of event, I would also not be so intimidated by lawyers.  

Now I would select attire that has me feel confident about my presentation no matter whom I am meeting.

When I dress this way, I can stand in my power and have my attention on the people I am meeting and the occasion.

When have you been embarrassed by what you wore?

What do you wear that has you stand in “your power”, and feel confident no matter whom you meet?