How to care for your lingerie

I love having nice bras, briefs and tights AND I hate the idea of spending my precious time standing at the basin washing them.

It turns out, I am not the only one!

Yes, I know that every time I buy an expensive bra the sales assistant says “wash it by hand” and I know this is the best advice, however I am a busy woman and sometimes my time and a clean bra is more important than worrying about the lace on the bra.

Hence the lingerie bag was invented – so that we can wash our “lingerie or smalls” in the washing machine on the delicate cycle without damaging the lace or having an underwire end up in our machine, this has happened to me!

I grew up watching my mother wash her “smalls” in the shower when she bathed at night. This is something that I do from time to time – it is certainly more time efficient than standing at the sink.

While living in London I become a devotee of the lingerie bag and now use one every time I wash my bras, pretty briefs or delicate tops in the machine.

This my most recent purchase, a lingerie bag made by Australian brand Bonds, at a cost of $5. The Bonds bag while not glamorous is very good value for money, made of knitted nylon and has a zip closure.

I am for having lovely lingerie, having a life that is not about the hand washing and having my pretty delicates last.

Here’s to the humble lingerie bag!

Enjoy Kx

My various wash bags: empty, half full and ready for the wash.