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We will sort out your wardrobe, so you know what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly, why.

We will identify the colours, shapes and style of clothing that are in harmony with your body structure and a true representation of your personality.

Understanding the impact of small details and the language of clothes creates a new way in which to view your wardrobe and your accessories.

During your wardrobe detox, we’ll create exciting new combinations from your existing pieces.  I will recommend which clothes would benefit from alterations, so every item fits you perfectly.

Once we have gone through this process, you will know what to give away, what to sell, and what you need to buy next.

You will now have physical space in your wardrobe – and clear mental space – so that shopping and buying new clothes is an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Thank you Kaye for my second wardrobe review with you via Zoom. It is a really effective way to get your valuable input for those of us living remotely!
I recommend everyone consider having a wardrobe review with Kaye. For me, after this morning’s session, magically, I have a whole new wardrobe – but with the same items of clothing!

Jane Chrystal, Manager, NRM, Ag Advice & Strategy at Central West LLS
Spending time with Kaye was a real education. She is a genuine expert in what she does and you can pretty much guarantee that she will open your eyes to things you did not realise about your own dress sense.
Buying high-quality business suits that are designed and fit well can be a challenge. All that stuff you own and don’t wear? Talk to Kaye – she seriously knows what she is doing.
John Barnes, Training Professional - Coca Cola Enterprises


Half-Day $647

In-person & online

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Be confident and feel good every day.

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