Personal Shopping Trip

I will teach you how to shop with confidence.

Often we pick one thing and when it doesn’t work, we decide there is something wrong with us!

When we shop together, you will have an experienced guide there with you to teach you how to select clothing.  I show you clothes that honour your archetype/personal style, body structure and colouring.

I will expose you to new stores and labels, and you will try on lots of things, so that you learn what really works for you.

You will have fun and save time and money.

Gradually, your wardrobe will be full of clothes you love, quality pieces that reflect who you are.  We will build a wardrobe that will take you anywhere so that you are confident and look good every day.

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Before I was concerned about the way I look, I was scared to go shopping and didn’t know where to start.
Now I am excited about getting dressed, I have the tools to looking gorgeous everyday, you can’t stop me – the excitement is building!
Caroline Cumberbatch, Bury & Kirkland - Interior Design
Working with Kaye as a stylist will forever save me time when shopping as now I’m more confident in being able to quickly pick which clothes I should (and shouldn’t!) try on!
Melinda Samson, Premier Google Partner, Google AdWords & Analytics Consultant - Click Winning Content


Half-Day $697

includes a preparation call and coffee

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Be confident and look good every day.

For enquiries, call +1 347 604 2110 or email


Follow along as I style New York + beyond!