The Clothes Brush – a simple reliable tool.

The clothes brush is a critical easy to use tool and essential if you value your tailored woollen clothes!

We brush and maintain our hair for both hygienic and cosmetic reasons. Dandruff and dead follicles look unkept which is different from relaxed.

So, like human hair, a woollen jacket, suit or coat needs to be properly brushed to ensure a long life and continued usability, before we had dry cleaners we brushed our clothes!

Over the course of a wearing, your woollen jacket or suit is like a coat of armour. It absorbs dust and food particles keeping your shirt/top clean and your top/scarf/tie spotless. And even though you don’t see these tiny bits lodged in the fabric, they are there.

If left unchecked, this can build-up and result in fibre decay and weakening. Over time this will lead to the garment fabric losing its attractiveness and tearing.

Also food particles attract moths, so if moths attack your wardrobe, they will always eat your dirty clothes first – yuk!

How to brush your woollen jacket, suit or coat.

  1. Hang your jacket/suit on the hanger and leave your jacket unbuttoned. Gently brush in downward motion the lapels first, especially around the neck.
  2. Make sure you use gentle strokes that do not go perpendicular to the wool fibre.
  3. Fold the collar of your jacket up and brush the under collar in the same gentle downward motion. After you are done, return the collar to its normal position.
  4. Start at the seams on the shoulders and brush downwards on both sides: back and front.
  5. Grab one sleeve and hold it out, brush down the seam starting at the armpit: both left and right side.
  6. Start at the shoulder and brush each sleeve with the same downward motion.

How often should you brush your jacket/suit?

You should brush your jacket/suit before and after every wear.

Making sure you use gentle, slow strokes.

Brushing your woollen jacket/suit is a cheap and easy method of preventative maintenance and by picking up this habit you’ll find you visit the dry cleaner less and save money.

A simple suit brush should be found in every well dressed person’s wardrobe.

Brushing your jacket/suit should take no more than one minute and wearing a sharp jacket/suit free from dirt, dandruff, and food particles will enable you to get years of wear out of your wool garment.


Exerpts from an article by Antonia Ceneno, President of “A Tailored Suit.”