The Era of YouTube has arrived…

for anyone under the age of 25 this is normal, for those of you who like me maybe a bit older this is a new platform.

Part of being in this new world is moving with the times, so it is time for my five seconds of fame – it is time for me to step out in front of the camera, something that I don’t really enjoy.

The intention in creating some video work is for people to connect with you, so that they have a sense of knowing you, liking you and trusting you.

Quite a tall order when you have 2 minutes or less. So what I have been doing to prepare:


Speaking with Zerafina Zara from about what I want to create, she has given me brilliant advice and we decided that a professional camera man/editor is required.

We booked Mick Russell from to do this.

My job is to pick the location for the filming and consider how I want the set to look.

Lighting and props such as flowers and a table.

I must find a space with plenty of good light and with enough depth, so that I don’t have to stand next to the wall for filming – that way I can be in focus in the foreground and the room can be  slightly out of focus behind me.

Oh, and I must get my teeth professionally cleaned so they look fresh.


Write the scripts for what I want to say and practice out loud timing myself so that I get a sense of how long each video maybe. My intention is to keep it short and to get to the point quickly. I know that the scripts are only a reference, my job is to deliver to camera and be myself – easier said than done!


Personal overhaul: Haircut and coloured, manicure, pedicure, threading of eyebrows and face – to make sure I don’t have a moustache for my closeup.

Start to set up the props for the filming and be prepared that these will be re-arranged when Zerafina and Mick arrive tomorrow. I have selected the outfits and accessories that I am planning to use, then I press the clothing and clean the shoes.


I woke this morning feeling sick and decided not to eat.

The space for filming is set, all there is to do is organise some snacks for the team.

Wash, dress, hair and makeup.

I like doing these things myself, that way I know that how I will look on screen is how I really do look.

I think this is important, so that when I meet people who have seen my video clip – I look the same. I did use eyelash curlers as these help make your eyes look more open.

Once my video coach Zerafina and my cameraman and editor Mick arrive, we finalise the layout.

Two cameras are set up, one set for a wide shot that I will deliver directly to and another on the side for some close up shots.

The lights are put in place, the props are moved around to frame me, my mark, a piece of tape is placed on the floor for me to stand on and the microphone is positioned.

We are ready to go…

Zerafina stands directly behind the camera that I am to deliver to and looks at me, she says:

“just talk to me”.

I am not sure how many times I started with my opening statement “Hello I’m Kaye of …….” each time I spoke, it felt fake, uncomfortable and embarrassing, gradually on about the tenth attempt I started to speak directly to Zerafina, I let the embarrassment slide away.

There were moments when I spoke, I was connected, present and I knew that it worked, it actually felt good.

Zerafina and Mick looked at each other and “yes”.

It took about 4 hours and many many many takes of filming the same sentence to get what should be about 6-7 minutes of edited video.

At one point Mick took my notes and said “tell me what you do in 30 seconds” I had an initial reaction like a teenager “give me my notes” and then spoke, freely, I was not trying to get it right, answering the question was useful and natural.

Later Zerafina stopped me and said 

“where is this going, it may be interesting to you but what about the audience?” I then created a sentence that included the audience, so that they would see the relevance of the material.

So, what did I get from this experience?

I realise that being in front of the camera is not easy or natural for me, and that my job is to make my content relevant and interesting for the viewer.

I can hear Zerafina’s words in my ears ” know, like and trust” that is what there is to work on.

Will I do this again – yes – not because I enjoyed it but because I can see that video is a very quick visual way to communicate.

I will definitely work with Zerafina and Mick again, being with people who will say it straight and know what to look for in a video is critical.

I look forward to seeing the edited version and will post this on my website when it is ready.

I hope this article is useful for you in your preparation for any filming you maybe doing. 

All the very best Kx.