I help professional women elevate their individual style so they feel confident and look good every day.

Kaye Ure
Together we will define your individuality and help you feel confident every single day. No matter what you are doing, who you are with or where you are going.

I have over 30 years of experience, styling people across the globe. People of different shapes, sizes and lifestyles.

My experience in fashion means I know clothes and what makes them work. My dressmaking skills give me an in-depth understanding of the fit, function and what flatters the human form. Including ordering suits in Saville Row, engagement rings in Bond Street, shopping in high-end designer boutiques throughout the world, as well as being clever in outlet stores, op shops and local fashion labels.

My approach is to learn who you are, and who you want to be and then work with you to uncover your individual style.
We will celebrate you and you will know what makes you attractive and unique.

I trained with a British styling company and then set up a consulting studio, with my business partner, in the heart of fashionable Kensington. Styling Individuals was founded in 2014 after returning home to Australia, having spent 18 years as a Personal Stylist in London.

I have been engaged by the Saudi Royal family, Business Executives, Legal Professionals, companies such as USB Deutsche Bank and even a member of the British Royal Household. I have conducted staff training with Marks and Spencer, Red Carnation Hotel Group, Mellon Bank, Tuatara, Designer Alterations and The Langham.

Personal styling has resulted in me working with clients worldwide, including London, Paris, Rome, Florence, Amsterdam, Brussels, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Phoenix, Miami, Nassau, Auckland, Sydney, and of course, my home town Melbourne.

I want to make your life easier, and uncover the real you, so that you can love your wardrobe, how you look and be confident to your true self.

You will also save time and money and eliminate any stress you might feel when shopping.

When you look your best on the outside, your confidence shines, impacting every area of your life.

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Be confident and look good every day.

For enquiries, call +1 347 604 2110  or email: kaye@stylingindividuals.com


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