Understanding your individual style enables you to be confident and look good everyday.

We will identify the shapes and styles of clothing that are in harmony with your body structure and a true representation of your personality.

Understanding the language of clothing and the impact of small detail creates a new way in which to view your appearance and your wardrobe.

Knowing your style ensures that you can distinguish why something works for you.

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What to expect in your Styled with Confidence session

We begin the session by establishing your key objectives, including any areas of concern you may have.

We will then establish what your archetype or personal style is and how to dress your physical structure.

You will learn what styles and shapes suit you and WHY. I take into account your personality, face shape, neck length and body proportions.

Together we create your archetype/personality profile for your look, which captures the essence of your character and honours who you are. This could be classic, striking, sporty, feminine, chic, earthy, suave or glamorous.

Your Personal Style Workbook

You will receive a 45-page workbook which identifies in detail the shapes and styles that work best for you.

This covers your entire wardrobe: jacket, trouser, skirt, dress, pattern, fabric, tie knot, shirt collar, watch, glasses, earrings, necklaces shoes and boots.

The workbook also includes:

  • information on dressing professionally
  • authority dressing
  • how to become an effective shopper
  • a wardrobe planner and a list of stores/labels that are in harmony with your personality and physical structure.
I didn’t enjoy clothes shopping prior to my session with Kaye.  Now I know it was my uncertainty that made it painful & exhausting.  Not now! I’d definitely recommend Kaye for her mastery in colours, shapes & styles that make you look great. Kaye’s session takes away all that wonder about what works & why. 
I now know what to go for & what to leave; so simple.  Master Stylist
Sarah Norton, Strategic Design & Innovation Lead - Telstra
“Kaye has not only changed my wardrobe beyond recognition, but also the wardrobes of my mum, my sister, and countless friends and colleagues! My look (both professional and personal) has transformed.
Having accompanied a number of friends for their own colour and style sessions, there is nothing quite like seeing a familiar face quite literally transform in front of you, simply from trying the right colours instead of the wrong ones. I can’t recommend Kaye enough!”
Amy Leonard, Chief Executive - The Transformation Trust

HALF DAY (5.5 hours):
Personal Style Session – $847

Personal Styling Session +
Personal Colour Analysis – $1297

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Be confident and look good every day.

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